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tellarknight” (テラナイト teranaito) is an archetype primarily comprised of LIGHT Warrior-Type monsters that debuted in Duelist Alliance. They focus on the quick and easy Summoning of monsters, their effects often activating upon being Summoned by any means, including Normal Summon, Special Summon and even Flip Summon.

This archetype’s artwork, name and type of gameplay is similar to that of the “Constellars”. The archetype contains a sub-archetype, “Stellarknight”.

This archetype’s name is a portmanteau of the words “(s)tellar”/”(sa)tellar” and “knight”.

The “Satellarknight” monsters are named after the brightest stars in our night sky, while the “Stellarknight” monsters are named after the asterisms formed by those stars. The background of their artworks all feature the constellations that contain their respective namesake stars, with the locations of said stars in those constellations denoted by the star being distinctly encircled.

While each member represents a single star, their armor is designed after the entire constellation. The representation of the latter can usually be seen in the helmet of the member. For exemple, the head of the serpent can be seen in the helmet of Unukalhai, while its tail follow his body. All members incorporate yellow parts on their armor. The yellow is most often associated with the color of kings, but also the friendship or the light, which perfectly fits this archetype.

The “Stellarknight” emblem, highly inspired by that of the Constellars

All “satellarknight” monster are encircled by a slightly inclined ring. On the latter may be found a mysterious globe, where an emblem is depicted inside. Strongly inspired by that of the Constellars, their emblem represents a star, nor the brightness of the light. The simple emblem form can be found at least one time on the armor of each member “satellarknight” monsters. The upgraded form of this emblem appears on “stellarknight” monsters, slightly different, since it includes a perfect circle in its center.

While observing, the ring and the emblem cannot be dissociated. Indeed, the emblem is only a representation of the member itself. In the case of Altair, the emblem is depicted on his chest representing himself (a star), while the same emblem is encircled by a ring with a blue globe (which is the case in its artwork).

Since “Stellarknight” monsters are asterisms, references are present in artworks of the latter. Effectively, it seems that the rings, from “Satellars”, are united together to bring the shield of “Stellars”. Each circle, accompanied with the globe, represents a corner of a triangle… This coincides perfectly, because Delteros symbolize the Summer Triangle and Triverr the Winter Triangle. On the shield is proudly worn the armory of the archetype, such as knights.

They all adopt a human form, but their skin is colored and differs according to the symbolism of their constellation, just like their armor. On the same note, a star can be seen in each member’s eyes ; while their mouth is hided by a piece of cloth. In some case, the background’s color is retaken from the star’s color herself.

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