PS5 in 2018… Miami Let’s Cast – A Video Game Podcast Episode 004

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Hey guys! This week James and Eric discuss the latest in gaming news!

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02:05 Diablo 3 Expansion

06:06 Xcom 2 Expansion

08:45 What we think of the recently announced Dragon Ball Z Fighters

15:23 Nintendo is remastering Wii U Titles

19:44 Super Nintendo Classic Mini Announced

26:37 PS5?

Sony says it will “probably be some time” before we see the PS5

34:10 No Cross-Play from Sony

Psyonix asks Sony about doing cross-platform play with Rocket League every day, but it’s always the same answer

39:25 Future of the Halo

Halo and Gears of War skipped E3, but Phil Spencer has seen “amazing work” from both studios

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