Assassins Creed! Its Back! Miami Let’s Cast – A Video Game Podcast Episode 003

Assassins Creed! Its Back! Miami Let’s Cast – A Video Game Podcast Episode 003

This week James is joined by Eric, Join us as we discuss the latest announcement from the Destiny 2 team. We also delve into what it is about Assassins Creed Origin that we are excited about. We breakdown some interesting news from Sony, Xbox and Nintendo. All that and more…
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10:08 Destiny 2 Talk

Destiny 2 on PC will skip Steam and use Blizzard’s service instead

14:07 Assassins Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins: In-Game Stealth Mechanics Detailed

20:30 Nintendo Switch is at it again

Arms first week sales in Japan rivals Tekken 7’s and Street Fighter 5’s, selling over 100k units

Nintendo is increasing Switch shipments in July and August, apologises for stock shortages

Switch hardware shortages “definitely not intentional, we’re making it as fast as we can”, says Nintendo boss

28:20 Sony expects record sales

Sony says Spider-Man has the power to help them reach 100 million units in console sales by bringing new people into gaming

36:30 What does Microsoft have to?
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